Sunday, January 30, 2011

Switching From Lawyer To Legal Recruitment Consultant

It is relatively common for lawyers who are looking to switch careers to consider applying to legal recruitment agencies in Manchester or elsewhere to become a legal recruitment consultant.

Many lawyers become disillusioned with the legal profession for a number of reasons. Firstly they may not feel it has turned out like they expected it to. Practising as a lawyer is often very different to studying law at college and for some this adds to their job satisfactions but for others its the opposite.

Secondly, some lawyers do not like the way they would need to work in order to progress in the profession. Some lawyers in private practice are very successful because they possess good marketing and networking skills. Other lawyers however are much more technically minded and because of this may not be so good at getting new clients in. Having a client base is usually a requirement if you want to progress to the top of a law firm.

Finally, some people may just find they stop enjoying the legal work they are doing and would prefer to be in a careers which is more people focused such as legal recruitment.

Legal recruitment is a relatively easy switch to make for a lawyer as they will have a very good understanding of lawyers and law firms and therefore understand what each are after.

Legal recruitment agencies in Manchester or elsewhere are usually filled with ex-lawyers and therefore they will always entertain having another ex-lawyer join them as a consultant.

There is obviously new knowledge to acquire that relates specifically to the recruitment process but most legal recruitment Manchester based or elsewhere will be relatively easy to do for someone who has already spent several years in the profession.

It will also be an advantage where the lawyer has built up a good network of other lawyers and law firms in the area they have worked in as they can draw on this to bring in new business as soon as they start working as a recruitment consultant.

Many ex-lawyers are very happy once they make the switch as they can still stay part of the profession but they do not have the stresses of doing the legal work they previously disliked.