Wednesday, November 14, 2012


In this globalization era, there must be equal opportunity employers in the workplace. The impacts of workplace diversity can be seen in the way not only big businesses but also small businesses to operate. In addition, the impact can be seen in the structure of organization of multinational corporations. There are different perspectives from employers, employees, ad customers about workplace diversity. It is also related to how workplace diversity impacts the business world. 
In the employer's perspective, they can increase the possibility or chance in finding the best and most reliable candidates. Hence, the employee selection will not be limited by sorts of criteria such as educational experience, or even races. When the company has a diverse workplace, the company with inclusive employers can better serve a more diverse customer base after all. Otherwise, the problem that may occur is about conflicts which arise when selecting the most appropriate candidates versus selecting a more diverse candidate. In the employee's perspective, they can work together properly since they can increase their cultural understand by practice and without borders. Usually, people with differences have an opportunity to get common ties in the team-related targets or goals. On the other side, a diverse workplace can create language barriers that may lead to resentment. Managing diversitymay be not an easy task. But, once we can handle it, we can reap more benefits. In the customer's perspective, customers from difference backgrounds can identify with kinds of advertisements which address their specific needs.

In conclusion, the difference perspectives had by employers, employees, and customers still lead to one point. That is why by having a diverse workplace; we can work together by valuing and respecting other cultures properly. It will result in not only a successful business but also a long-term relationship and a sense of togetherness.