Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Legal Transcription Service - Affordable And Accurate

To resolve the documentation needs of the legal professionals, several established legal transcription companies offer affordable and accurate legal transcription services. These organized services help legal professionals to maintain accurate and updated legal documents as well as save on the overheads that would be otherwise needed to carry out transcription work within their practice.

Saves Money and Time

Legal transcription services benefit attorneys, lawyers, court reporters and other legal professionals. The high quality legal transcription services that professional companies offer significantly minimize the workload of the legal practitioners, and offer them more time to focus on their core activities. Affordable and accurate transcription services ensure the following advantages:

.Legal documents with 99% accuracy
.Regularly updated legal records
.Easy data retrieval
.Documents as hardcopies or electronic files
.Greater productivity and efficiency
.Saves time, effort and money

Use of Advanced Technology

To deliver legal documents with high levels of accuracy, legal transcription service companies are equipped with customized tools, advanced software and a skilled panel of transcription experts, editors and proofreaders. With their excellent knowledge of legal terminology, these professionals transcribe legal documents such as court proceedings, memorandums, deposition statements, public hearings, wire tap, letters and more within the specified time limit. The transcribed files are checked for accuracy at three levels by proofreaders, editors and legal experts. The main features of the services offered are:

.Digital recorder and toll free phone dictation options
.File transfer through browser, FTP or e-mail
.Secure 256 bit AES encryption
.Affordable pricing
.Electronic signatures
.Feeds for EHR or EPM
.Data security and confidentiality
.Minimum turnaround time
.24/7 customer support service

Locating a Reliable Provider

If you are planning to outsource the legal transcription work of your practice, make sure to locate a reliable provider. Looking up blogs and reviews would be helpful. Many companies offer free trials.